Sweet Child of Mine Masterpost
Fic title: Sweet Child of Mine
Author name: angelzfurys
Artist name: blondebitz
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~42,200k
Warnings: Mentions of cancer, quasi medical science, M/M sexy times, Mpreg, Birth
Summary: Jared thought he had it all. Family, friends, a good job, a decent home and an adorable daughter. Then everything seems to crumble when his baby girl falls gravely ill and he must find a way to save her. Her salvation lies with a young rancher named Jensen who is just as broken as Jared was once happy. As he works to gain Jensen’s help he starts to heal Jensen and bring him back to life. But can he convince Jensen to do the same for his daughter?

Extra notes: Thank you first to blondebitz for picking my story to create art for. Every one check out the masterpost here http://blondebitz.livejournal.com/420887.html it's amazing. Thank you for being so patient with me and for creating very wonderful, beautiful art! Second thanks to kinkyqu33nspn for her beta work, you saved my bacon at the last minute after my holiday computer meltdown and rewriting a few thousand words that had been erased.

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Sweet Child of Mine Epilogue
Sweet Child of Mine Epilogue

Chapter 12 Jared & Jensen

Emily finished recovering enough to come home for good to the ranch two months after Jack was born with no more than an annual checkup. As much as they loved her both Jared and Jensen were thankful for those two months when she was at the hospital or with her grandparents who lived closer to the hospital. Jack has a bit of an adjustment for Jensen who took a while to recover from Jack’s birth and not having a second child running around the house was good. When Emily did come, Jared and the rest of his little hodgepodge of a family were there to help out. Between Jared, Misha, Jeff who was now almost a permanent feature to his household, Jim and the rotation of Jared’s family and friends everything that came up was attended to quickly and efficiently. Which of course meant another adjustment period when the family finally departed and two months later Misha and Jeff moved to a place of their own.

With Misha gone Jim takes over more of the ranch operations like he had before Jensen and Misha had arrived. He is gruff on the surface like he was when Jensen first arrived but underneath or when the kids are around he’s all teddy bear.

Jeff with Jared’s help and Gen’s mock complaining had moved his firm’s headquarters to Dallas. It was a bit of a drive so he worked half the time at home. Gen still worked for them but only part time since moving to Texas she also found that she could have a decent modeling career and excelled at it.

Chad stayed in New York but seasonally spending half the year in Texas working with the Marshalls or Rangers or Border Patrol even. He became an uncle to Jack as much as he’d been on to Emily.

Jack, born on the ranch that he will grow up on with a large extended family to love him grows like a weed. Emily fell in love with the place as soon as she arrived and is already pointing out parts to her little brother that she loves best. Jared had designed very detailed and complicated looking plans for a playhouse for Emily and a tree house for Jack even though it will be a while yet before his son can use it. Maybe by then if Jared can talk Jensen into it they will have more children but for now things are perfect with his little family.

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Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 12
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Baby Jack pink

Labor had come late for Jensen and he hadn’t been expecting it so by the time he or anyone knew what was going on he was pretty far along.

A hospital was too far away in the storm that was raging but there was a midwife in the town over. She had been called to come and help Jensen deliver.

Jensen was screaming and arching on the bed, hands clenched in the sheets, feet pressed flat on the mattress pushing for all he is worth, panting hard when he isn’t screaming.

“Misha where the hell is the midwife?” Jared turned his head to yell out the door to where Misha was standing out in the hall with the house phone pressed to his ear. He didn’t wait for an answer before turning back to Jensen and wiping his brow with a damp wash cloth. His other hand was covering one of Jensen’s clenched fists. He, Misha and even JD had come running to his first screams. JD had been sent out to see if he could get help when the midwife hadn’t arrived after they had called.

Jensen let out another yell as another contraction came and Misha came back into the room tossing the phone onto the dresser. Just as Misha settled down next to the side of the bed opposite Jared the door downstairs banged down.

“Boys? Misha?” JD’s voice shouted as the door slammed shut and scuffling noises came towards the stairs.

“Oh thank god” Misha sighed “Up here” he shouted and the sound of heavy boots came as JD and someone else came thundering up the stairs. A minute later JD entered the room with Jim behind him.

“The drive is washed out and there are some trees blocking the road there is no way to get to town but look who I found.” JD moved aside as Jim came around him and went to kneel down next to Jared beside Jensen on the bed.

“Sorry to say boy but it looks like I’m the closest you’re going to get to a midwife today.” He looked Jensen over just as Jensen had another contraction and tried to come off the bed. “Jesus boy hang on,” he turned to JD without getting up “Jeff get my bag and quick.”

JD left the room and hustled down stairs and back out the door.

“How long has this been going on?” Jim started checking Jensen’s eyes and pulse not caring who answered him.

“He was feeling bad this morning but ignored it as being sore from the harvesting. I drew him a bath and he stayed in there for a long time. We think his water broke while he was in the tub. By the time we figured what was going on the power had gone out and the storm was here. We sent JD out while Misha worked on the generator” Jared gave Jim the information he needed.

“Alright but how long has it been since he started this exorcism routine?” Jim was now trying to manhandle Jensen out of his shirt. “Let go of the bedding boy” Jim ordered. Jared and Misha had to help Jensen release the sheets long enough for Jim to get his shirt off and then Jensen’s hands were back to their strangle hold on the sheets.

“About an hour maybe a little more” Jared winced in sympathy as Jensen let out a cry and tried not to buck upwards.

“I need to take a look at him to see what’s going on if he comes to any try to tell him” Jim said moving down to tug Jensen’s boxers off. He let out an oof as he got kicked taking out Jensen’s second leg but just kept right on working. Once Jensen was free of his clothing he went back to the same position he’d been in for over the past half hour. Jim with a little maneuvering managed to wedge himself between Jensen’s legs and peer down at the birthing passage. “I don’t see a problem there” he muttered before swiveling his head to look at both Jared and Misha as he gave his next command. “You’ll need to hold him down I need to feel his stomach and I can’t have him pushing me away or moving around too much.”

Just then JD came back into the room two large bags in hand and nearly dropped them at the sight. “Um” was all he could say before Jim barked more orders at him.

“Don’t just stand there man bring them closer and then go and get the biggest bowls you can find and get me hot water, cold water and soap. More towels too after you get the water and soap now hurry.” Jim turned all his attention to Jensen dismissing JD without another thought. By then Jared and Misha had a good hold on Jensen. Jim placed his hands on Jensen’s round belly and glided them from side to side and up and down a constant pressure throughout. Jensen tried to struggle away from the pressure Jim had him under but with Misha and Jared holding him he didn’t succeed.

“The baby’s all turned around I need to straighten it out” Jim said continuing to run his hands over Jensen’s belly. Only now they were in a rhythmic pattern in a crescent motion. He was also exerting more pressure on Jensen who kept letting out screams. Jeff came back in after a practically loud scream with a multitude of towels draped over his arms and shoulders. It looked like he had raided everything linen closet in the house. Held in his arms was a large stew pot of hot water judging from the steam rising from the top. A little spilled out as he set it down by Jim before shanking off the towels and lastly taking a bar of soap from where he’d been holding it between his teeth. He turned around and thundered down the stairs only to come back up with a slightly smaller pot of cold water which got put on Jim’s other side.

Jim left his task to quickly wet and lather part of a smallish towel and wipe down Jensen’s stomach and then lower around his privates and birthing canal. Then he washed his hands and got back to the job of working on Jensen’s stomach. After a minute he instructed Jeff to take Misha’s place and for Misha to wash his hands. Misha did so and Jim showed him what to do to Jensen’s stomach. Once Misha took over for Jim, he began to look at and probe Jensen around the birth canal.

“I’m gonna need to help the little bugger from the inside a bit” he said and just about everyone winced except Jensen who was in too much pain to be paying any attention. “It mostly right side up but it’s started down the canal and I think I can turn it the rest of the way from this end. Misha keep up the turns, guys hold him down this is not going to be comfortable.”

With a little soap Jim started easing himself into Jensen’s dilated passage. After a moment he started a slow twisting motion that had Jeff and Jared redoubling their efforts as Jensen tried to serge off the bed. The torture seemed to go on forever and Jared wasn’t sure how much more any of them could take when the scream from Jensen’s throat cut off abruptly. Jared looked up at his face to see if they had killed him but he was still breathing. In fact his mouth was open and he was panting hard and eerily silently.

“Here we go” Jim said and everyone’s gaze went to him as he leaned back a bit his hands reaching for some towels to place against Jensen’s butt. “Give a downward sweep now Misha lets help Jensen out.”

Misha repositioned himself and starting from the top of Jensen’s belly moved down applying pressure. Jensen would grunt as Misha did so and after a moment Jim smiled. “A few more Misha. Almost there.” A few pushes later and Jim was grabbing the head and shoulders and gently pulling free body and legs of Jensen’s baby. Jim immediately started to clean the baby off so he could have a better look at it. “Keep up the pushing Misha, don’t let go boys it’s not over just yet” Jim instructed not looking up from him work. As soon as he had finished speaking a loud wail came from the baby and it seemed as if the room seemed to sign and all the tension left.

Jim bundled the baby up, made a nest for it next to Jensen’s head and laid it down. He went back to the end of the bed just in time to catch something really gross coming from Jensen that Jared want to gag from seeing. “After birth” Jim supplied wrapping that up and setting it aside. “You can stop now Misha, help me clean him up. Jeff, Jared go get another room ready for us we need to get him off this filthy bed.

Jared was reluctant to leave but Jeff pulled him along. They decided to move him to the room next to the bathroom and turned down the bed and fluffed pillows. They went back into the other room and Jared was instructed to carry Jensen who seemed to be much better and lucid. Jim had apparently given him a relaxant and Misha had redressed him. Jim brought the baby in fresh towels and as soon as Jensen was settled with Jared beside him Jim handed over the baby.

“It’s a boy and far as I can tell healthy as a horse. I’m gonna go see if I can’t raise anyone to come out and help check on him.” With that Jim left and after a moment Misha led Jeff out to give them time alone with their new son.

“He’s all squishy and wrinkly” Jensen said as he looked down at Jack but he had a smile on his face and in his eyes.

“Yeah they all look like that for a while” Jared’s voice had a bit of laughter in it. He had been there when Emily was born and Brooke before that. He was sure Jensen since living on this ranch had seen baby animals born but this was entirely different. This was a human baby and not just any but his own. Jared had remembered being much more interested in and less grossed out by the birth of Emily then he had been of Brooke. He figured that part of the reason was because Emily had been his while Brooke was his niece since both births had messy and...Yeah best not to dwell on that, especially considering this birth.

“Jack” Jensen said and caressed the baby’s cheek gently with his forefinger. The baby yawned and squired for a moment but settled without further fuss.

Jared had thought of a few names and was going to bring them up with Jensen but never really had much of a chance with all the work and taking care of Emily. But Jack was a good name and since he had named Emily it was only fair that Jensen name their son. “Jack it is” he longed to touch Jack too but he’d let Jensen have his time with the baby, he’d get his later. So instead he kissed Jensen’s temple and smile at him when Jensen could tear his gaze away from Jack to smile at him in return.

They spent several minutes in silence Jared holding Jensen and Jensen holding their son. Eventually the world came back as Jim stuck his head in. He informed them of the gross fact that he had stored the placenta in the freezer for later transport to the hospital and was about to go burn the ruined bedding because Misha and Jeff were indisposed at the moment in comforting each other. Jared bust out laughing while Jensen scowled at the too much information on his friends activities.

Not long after that Jack woke up and wanted to be fed, which embarrassingly Jim had to help him with at first while Jared went to get a bottle. Jensen had decided to try and give him as much breast milk as possible, which wasn’t much considering carries breasts didn’t truly enlarge like a woman’s. He could give a limited amount but the rest would be formula. Misha and Jeff having become decent were given the task of finishing the burning and cleanup of any surface and object used in Jack’s birth before being sent out to flag down the ambulance that could finally reach them.

Jensen and Jack got to ride to the hospital to be checked over and Jared and Jeff followed in the truck as it was too dangerous to have Jared ride with Jensen due to road and weather conditions. Misha would stay behind in case anything happened on the ranch and Jim would come later when the storm was calmer or had passed. At the hospital Jensen and Jack both checked out well and Emily got to see her little brother for the first time. One of the nurses was kind enough to buy a disposable camera and take pictures for them. Jared called his family and many loud congratulations were given and dates for visits made. By the time Jim arrived everyone but Jeff was asleep. With the storm over and all well at the hospital Jim and Jeff collected baby items and cloths the boys would need in town and dropped them off for the morning.

Jensen, Jack and Jared got to leave the next day after lunch and coming home found the house set up for every ease and thing they needed. The neighbors who had come to check on them while they were in the hospital and informed that the baby had come had helped finish the nursery and Emily’s new room, her old one was now the nursery and baby proof the house. There were also gifts for the baby and Emily and tons of food in the fridge and freezer, which Jim had assured had been cleaned first. Jensen and Jared couldn’t have been more thankful.

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 11
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Jared & Jensen

Jared couldn’t believe his ears or seconds later his eyes when he returned from the cafeteria with an ice cream for his daughter. Jensen! Jensen had come to see Emily! He was unsure of when Jensen had arrived but if he had to hazard a guess it would have been right after he left. Emily was busy chatting away at him but it wasn’t her usually cheery voice. She sounded so sad it broke his heart and when what she was saying finally registered in his brain what was left of his heart wanted to shrivel up and die as if it had never existed in the first place.

Not wanting her to go on but not wanting to interrupt and in all probability cause Jensen to leave he waited just outside the door out of sight listening while a bowl of ice cream slowly melted in his hand. He cringed when Emily told Jensen that no one had been able to help cure her from his side of the family. Well she hadn’t said it in so many words but that was the gist of it and he was sure Jensen could grasp the meaning. He had been unaware that she had heard him talk so much about Jensen or that his feelings for him, her other father were so apparent that a five year old could figure them out. He was just glad he hadn’t said a word about Jensen being her other father aloud. He hadn’t wanted to even voice false hopes even if she was sleeping, not there in her room in this hospital, it would have been too much like tempting fate. But he was here now and if there was a merciful god Jensen would agree to help or at least get tested to see if he could help. Jared had a sudden flash of panic and fear that if tested Jensen would prove to be just as poor a match as he was or that even if he was a match he would refuse to help. It wasn’t in Jensen’s nature to do something so cruel as far as he knew him but then again Jensen was carrying a baby. Could Jensen be able to help in his current condition?

He heard Jensen and Emily make a pinky promise and decided that he couldn’t take any more of the sad emotions going on when he could alleviate one of them, at least temporarily. Glancing down at the now mostly melted ice cream he frowned but then stood himself up straight and walked into the room announcing his gift for Emily as if he’d only been gone a second and had not known Jensen had arrived or been eavesdropping at the door during his visit.

Jensen said nothing as he handed over his diminished prize to Emily and she took it happily and began to eat. He’d need to wipe her down with a wet cloth when she was finished he observed before bending down to speak to her. “Daddy’s going to go talk with Jensen in the hall for a minute okay. We’ll be right outside if you need anything baby.” She paused in eating just long enough to give him a smile before he and Jensen stepped out of the room. He closed to door behind him just in case Jensen decided to yell at him, he didn’t want it to upset Emily when she thought she had made a new friend.

When they were out in the hall he and Jensen just kept looking at each other until he decided that he’d have to break the ice. He just hoped that whatever he said didn’t help him drown in Jensen’s eyes. “So you came.” He could cringe for that but since he couldn’t take it back and saying more might make him look even dumber then he thought he was acting now he stayed silent.

“Um…yeah I…I just had to see her. She’s a good kid” a fleeting smile flashed across his face but it was replaced by the blank look that had come over his face when he had stepped into Emily’s room.

“She is” was all he could say to that. He wanted to tell Jensen more, so much more about his, their daughter. But now was not the time for that. “So now that you’ve seen her?”

Jensen looked back at the room and spoke without facing him, it hurt a little but he could understand. This had to be hard for Jensen, hell it would be hard for anyone, but with what had gone on between the two of them. Well he wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone else in the world. He hoped that in the coming future he could get back something of his previous friendship with Jensen, enough to allow him to comfort Jensen when he would need it.

“I want to help her, but I’m not sure how or if I can. What exactly is wrong with her?”

“She has cancer” at the Jensen gasped and squeezed his eye shut and looked down balling up his fists. “It’s a form of child leukemia and so far it’s been treated with radiation and surgery. It’s pretty much in remission but she needs a bone marrow transplant or it could come back at any time and will most likely do so with a year. I don’t want to put any kind of pressure on you, especially now and after…But she needs that transplant.” Jared felt very low asking this of Jensen who he’d lied by omission about this for so long. To have had the relationship they had and never tell him any of this. Then to knock him up and drop this on his lap. He knew that he was going be be reaping the bad karma from this for a long long time. But he’d do anything for Emily and to try and make it up to Jensen was well if he could.

“What would I have to do?” Jensen asked through gritted teeth.

He figured that Jensen would very much like to slug him one right now, but he’d never do that so near Emily, his daughter. “You would have to be tested to see if you are a match for her genetically. I am but not enough of one, the better the match the better chances she has that her body won’t reject it and that it will help her fight off whatever is left of the cancer and beat it for good. The doctors wanted to test you but I didn’t know who you were and I…I just had to find you. I know I should have told you about her right away, that was my intention to ask you for help. But I couldn’t the first time and then we became friends and Emily didn’t need the transplant while she was going through radiation. I thought that if you were my friend you would be more likely to help us. But then I fell in love with you and I didn’t want you to feel like I had used you. The longer I waited and more in love with you I was the harder it was for me to tell you about her. And when I was here with her the worse I felt for leaving her and not bringing you to her. I knew that one way or another things were probably going to fall apart but I just pushed it aside. I wanted to live in my fantasy that I could tell you and you could help and everything would get better for Emily and I could still have you. It was stupid and wrong but I can’t say enough how sorry I am this all turned out like this. If you agree to get tested and help Emily if you are a match I’ll do anything you want. Whatever you want, just please think of Emily and don’t let what you with her be tainted by what I did. Please.”

Jensen didn’t say anything for a long time, he didn’t move and Jared had a hard time even seeing him breathe. “How would I be tested?”

“The doctor would take a needle and scrap off a tiny sliver of the bone in your hip.” Jensen winced and Jared knew the feeling, then the fact that Jensen was pregnant hit him. Would he even be able to give a sample?

“What then” Jensen asked sounding strained.

“The doctor will test if you are a match. If you are they repeat the process they did to take the sample only they take a lot more. They can use some of it to grow more in the lab, not a lot but enough. Then they put it into the bones of the person who needs it. If the host body doesn’t reject it they incorporate it into their weakened system and begin to grow new cells with the strength of the transplanted cells as blue prints. The new cells boost the immune system and fight off the disease or cancer the patient has.”

“Alright give me a minute I need to call Misha, you go get a doctor.” Jensen didn’t wait for a reply he just walked away from Jared.

Jared despite having over heard that Jensen had promised Emily to be tested he thought that there was still the possibility Jensen would refuse. Especially after being confronted by him and given that horrible speech. But he shook himself out of his melancholy thoughts and went to find Sasha Emily’s doctor. With Emily still recovering from her last treatment Sasha was still on call if not in the building at the moment. Thankfully she was and came immediately to the head nurses page for her. He told her about Jensen being Emily’s other father and him wanting to be tested. He also told her that Jensen was pregnant and asked if that was going to be a problem.

Jensen came back then and talked with Sasha who asked his history and how far along he was. Jared learned that Jensen had had cancer himself as a young adult. That was why his eggs had been donated because he was supposed to be sterile. Sasha explained that he could have been temporarily sterile, his young reproductive system not completely dead just dormant from the shock and poison used to kill the cancer. With the poison gone and healthy cells mending his body his reproductive organs while damaged could still function. And given the longer time to heal without the introduction of birth control hormones and working off some of the hormones he’d taken after treatment to stabilize his system they could have regenerated a bit. With that being said she would like to do a sonogram to see for herself the condition of his reproductive system.

Jensen agreed to this because he was worried for his baby’s health and because he didn’t know exactly how far alone he was. All he’d managed to get from his local doctor was that he was pregnant before he left the office. Sasha took him down a floor to use the sonogram machine in the maternity ward, babies not yet born had many medical needs too and high risk babies were born here where specially trained doctors could see and help them seconds after birth.

Sasha had asked if Jensen wanted Jared in the room and he had expected Jensen to refuse Jensen surprised him by letting him in. When Jensen was ready and settled on the table Sasha began. It turned out that Jensen was just about ten weeks along putting the baby’s conception on the first goodbye trip sex they’d had and very near the first time they had sex. With a little wiggle room because Sasha couldn’t be exact the baby could have very well been conceived the first time they’d had sex. From what Sasha could gather about his reproductive system was that while functioning it was damaged. Jensen would have to very careful if he wanted this baby to reach full term.

Jensen persisted in knowing if he could help Emily or if after the baby he or even the bay could. Sasha agreed that Jensen could be tested if he was sedated lightly but the baby would be too young to help Emily and the baby wouldn’t be there for a long time if it came at all and Emily might not be able to wait that long. If she did and Jensen wasn’t a match the baby’s stem cells in the placenta might be able to help.

Jensen agreed to be tested and Sasha called in a whole team of nurses to help and monitor so that Jensen wouldn’t be put under any more stress then could be helped. The doctor promised the results of the test the next day. Jensen refused his offer of hospitality until he learned that he himself would not be going home that night. He was going to stay with Emily and as her father he was allowed. So Jensen took his house key and went to stay in his home returning early the next day to learn the results of the test.

Jensen was an almost perfect match for Emily. He agreed to help but he couldn’t be harvested until closer till the time Emily needed the marrow. Three weeks was the set date for Jensen’s marrow harvest. He would go home to deal with his affair and make his plans. After the marrow harvesting he would need to stay and be observed for at last five to six days to make sure he was healing and that the baby was fine. Jensen gave Jared permission to tell his family about his donating the marrow to Emily. They would know from that that he was Emily’s other father but he didn’t want them to know about his baby. Fist he was unsure if he could actually take the bay to term and if he did he was as of yet unclear of his relationship with Jared.

So after three tense weeks of waiting and hoping Jensen returned to New York with Misha in tow. His family was very happy to meet Jensen and laid praise and thanks upon him. Gen brought him home cooked meals to eat instead of the hospital food, even though it was pretty decent. Chad had apologized profusely for his part in helping Jared find him but defended that it was all for Emily and not to have any bad feelings towards her. Chad had even offered to do him any favors or help him out of a tight spot in the future should he need it. JD was just thankful that Jensen had agreed to help with everything he’s been through since he knew a little of Jensen’s past hear it from Jared when he talked to himself as he drew plans at work and though no one was listening.

Misha kept his distance form all except JD to whom he was instantly smitten but tried to resist for Jensen’s sake. Jensen saw it and told Misha to go for it, he didn’t feel any animosity towards Jeff and it wasn’t like they were going to stay. They could have a little fling while Jensen recovered. He was going to stay until after Emily’s transplant operation anyway to make sure that she was on a good road to recovery and that her body didn’t reject his bone marrow.

Everything went well over the course of the next two weeks. Jensen handled the bone marrow harvesting well and so did his baby, Emily’s transplant surgery went off without a hitch and a week later showed no signs of rejection. Jensen had told them he’d keep in touch to see how Emily was doing and he and Misha headed him. It turns out Misha did have that fling with JD because a week after Jensen had returned home he’d called Jared in a rage and JD in tears that Jensen was in the hospital. He’d over done it and put himself and the baby at risk. The baby was just hanging on and Jensen was having a very hard time. Making plans for Gen to watch Emily he and JD got on the next flight they could to Texas.

By the time they got there Jensen had recovered somewhat but was beating himself up with guilty and the baby was only slightly stable. Jensen had been ordered to bed rest if he wanted to keep the baby. Jared was so angry that Jensen would put himself and the baby at such risk when he could hire extra man at the ranch he was silent for half his first visit for fear he would say something he’d regret in anger. In the end Jensen who had argued against hiring out help to people he didn’t know at the low of the season when all the workers he wanted were away Jared made him an offer.

Emily was getting better and could be released from the hospital for short visits soon but still needed regular checkups. She had a good growing relationship with Jensen and a curiosity about the ranch. Jared would go stay with her for a bit and JD would stay with them and help out. When Emily could be released he would bring her to Texas. Hs family was here and there were good doctors to be had. Jared would take over helping out while JD went back to New York and Emily would be able to come and visit with Jensen. Jensen could stay on bed rest.

This idea seemed good to everyone but Jensen and only because he was grouchy, scared for his baby still and his pride was bruised. In the end he agreed and he and Misha went to work out the detail. Misha got Jim up to speed and on board and Jared got his family on the job of watching Emily when she came and they even agreed to help pitch in at the ranch doing what they could. Everything settled he went back to New York to take care of getting Emily ready, getting a new doctor with Sasha’s help and working the business with Gen.

In no time he was back in Texas with Emily by his side…almost. She had to be checked into the hospital and stay overnight to make sure the trip had been agreeable to her. When everything checked out Jared brought her to see the ranch and say goodbye to JD. Emily loved to place even though she was almost as confined to the house as Jensen was.

Over the next few weeks Jared stayed with Jensen, helped out on the farm and worked with Misha to keep him in bed as much as possible. The days when Emily came to visit were the better days. They got to know each other and in turn his relationship with Jensen improved as well. They told Emily about the baby finally and she was excited. She spilled the surprise to the rest of the family though. Another surprise was that JD came back with Gen towards the end of Jensen’s seventh month of pregnancy. He had packed up shop and was moving his business to be nearer his business partner he’s said but Gen spilled that it was also because of a certain someone whose name started with an M. JD and Misha had been talking nightly since he’d left and they wanted to give their relationship a good try. Gen didn’t have much in New York besides her job since he had moved to be with Jensen and taken Emily with him. So when JD had packed up so had she.

In no time at all JD had re-established himself in a nice little office a few towns over and was back in business, which was still booming despite the change of headquarters. The ranch was running smoothly thanks to Gen’s helping out with Jared and Jim and a few men. Emily had a pretty permanent residence at the house and he was allowed back into Jensen’s room. Their relationship wasn’t back completely to the way it had been before but then again neither of them were the same men they had been when they’d met. They knew a lot more about each other know and had stood up to each other’s quarks now that they lived full time in the same house. By the time Jensen was due he was ready and so was everyone else. Jensen had been just about driven crazy with his confinement and so was driving everyone else there too. More than a week after Jensen’s due date and with no baby plans were made. A big seasonal storm was coming in and once it passed they were going to the hospital to get the baby out. Emily was sent off to her grandparents and Gen went to see Chad who was in Dallas for work while Misha and JD and Jim helped him batten down the ranch for the storm.

The storm came faster than expected though so by the next morning they caught the edges of it. It only got worse as the day went on and by evening it was terrible. Jim had gone out earlier in the day to check on the neighbors after making sure all the animals were secure. Only the four of them remained in the house. Misha was cooking and JD had braved the weather to go get extra wood for the fire place if the power went out. That was when Jensen had screamed for the first time.

In the middle of the storm of the year Jensen had gone into labor.

Chapter 11 Baby Jack pink

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 10
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Emily pink

Jensen couldn’t believe he was here sitting in his car parked in front of Angel of Mercy Children’s Hospital. Misha had begged him to go and his own curiosity and guilt weighed on him for the past week. In this modern state of the art hospital was his daughter, the daughter he had only know about for just two short weeks. A daughter that he never thought he could have. The daughter he shared with the man he had fallen in love with. He had been so shocked and angry that he had sent Jared away as the man was trying to tell him about his daughter, their daughter. Alter the shock had begun to wear off betrayal had taken its place, betrayal at the hospital and staff that had transferred his eggs, the fertility clinic that had allowed Jared to buy them and fertilize them, for the woman Jared got to be his surrogate and for the child to be born when at the time he thought he would never have a child of his own. That last bit faded away into guilt that he hadn’t known or felt the child was alive like he imagined parents would and should feel about their children. And at last guilt that his child was sick, as if his own being sick could somehow be blamed even though his eggs had been harvested before he’d gotten the IUD that had given him cancer. He still felt all of these emotions and had recently added shame that he had not contacted Jared about their daughter and had waited so long to find out anything from Misha, who had contacted Jared, and come here.

He had not told Misha where he was going when he had set off for New York but he suspected Misha had known. He hadn’t told Jared he was coming either and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to see Jared right now. He did want to see his daughter, but he was unsure if he wanted her to see him not knowing what or if Jared had told her anything about him. Which was why he had yet to leave his car. Could he even see his daughter without seeing Jared? Would he have access to her without jumping through hoops to get through her door? Only one way to find out.

He was slow in everything he did from the moment he opened the car door. He got out slowly, made sure the rental was locked, ambled across the parking lot, shuffled through the main doors and secondary doors, studied the directory and floor plan maps by the elevator which was slow itself as he rode it to the fourth floor where the pediatrics wing was.

Almost the whole fourth floor was for the housing and care for young children so he didn’t have far to go until he entered a waiting room with a nurses desk. He took a chair closest to the elevator and watched and waited. There were other families here and some waved to the two nurses behind the counter as they walked into a big hallway lined with doors while a few others had to sign in. He figured that the people who had just walked through were regular or common visitors while the rest were either infrequent or new.

He must have sat for almost an hour in which time the nurses had been glancing his way more often and for longer periods of time with confusion and growing suspicion. If he didn’t make his move soon they might just call security on him. So gathering up as much courage as he could he got up and ambled over. The older but shorter of the two nurses looked at him expectantly when he finally stopped inched from the counter and looked at her chin rather than in her eyes.

“Um…I…I’m here to visit, er see, an Emily Padalecki?” He winced as it came out a question instead of a statement or even a demand.

The nurse lifted a finely sculpted eyebrow and asked “name?”

Well so far so good, they hadn’t thrown him out for loitering or being unsure so why not keep going. Besides if he didn’t complete his quest he might not be allowed back in if he even tried to come back and try again. “Jensen, Jensen Ackles.” He was unsure if they would call Jared to ask if he could be admitted, if his name needed to be one a list and since it was most likely not deny him or if they would just log him in and let him through.

The nurse pulled a thin binder from under the counter and opened it flipping through its contents until she found the section she was looking for. He couldn’t see anything as she ran a finger down the page she was looking at. When her finger stopped she raised her eyebrow again as she pulled a pen with a fake flower taped to its end from a container on the counter and wrote something on the page.

“Sign in here” she gave him the pen and pushed a clipboard over to him that he had seen other people write on earlier. She put away her binder as soon as he had taken the pen and looked at the papers in front of him with surprise and shock. He must be on a list of people approved to see her. Had Misha called Jared to let him know that he was coming or had Jared added his name himself just in case he showed up?

In a bit of a daze he provided the chart on the clipboard with his full name (easy), name of patient to see (also easy but took him a moment to spell out), relation to afore mentioned patient (very very hard he almost left it blank but put four letters in, papa) and the time and date (very easy). Once he was done he just stood and waited until the nurse looked at him with annoyance.

“This is my first visit, what room is she in?” He was annoyed he’d had to ask but he tried not to let it show just in case the nurse decided she was going to change her mind about letting him visit. She was in room 417 which was almost to the end of the hall on the left and it seemed like it took him a very long time to get there when it really had only been a couple of yards.

The door was open and he didn’t hear any voices from inside it was he approached. He stopped just out of sight of anyone inside to see him and for him to see inside. He hesitated before inching forward to peer inside the room.

The room was painted in soft pale pink and purple with two big red lazy boy chairs and a large tv in the corner but those were the only normal things about the room. The rest was a typical hospital room with various monitoring machines along the walls steadily beeping away and recording data. Slightly off center of the middle of the room, more towards the window than the door was the standard hospital bed. And inside the bed reclining slightly was the form of a small girl. Emily.

She lay awake looking out the window into open sky. He was unsure if she was small for her age or just looked small because the bed was so large cradling her. He did know that she was thinner then she should be but that was probably a side effect of whatever treatment she was getting. She still had her hair but it was dull and hug lifeless down to her shoulders. It had a slight curl a little like Jared’s hair and was a light brown shade, somewhere between his dark sandy brown and Jared’s darker chestnut. Her skin was pale but she had some darker freckles and he would guess when she was healthy that her skin tone was a bit darker. From the angle he was at he could tell her nose was straight and narrow like his and her chin sported the tiniest bit of a cleft like Jared’s. Her lips were turned down in a frown but they were still puffy and pale pink. He didn’t know her eye color but whatever it was he was sure it was beautiful just like the rest of her.

She must sense him standing there or catch some bit of reflection of him because she turns over and stares at him. Her eyes are hazel and seem to glow from within as if to show how full of life she still is despite her illness. “Hello” she says and smiles.

Like a moth drawn to flame he steps inside her room, “hello” he almost whispers.

“Are you one of daddy’s friends?” she looks him over now as if by examining him she can tell who he is.

“Y..yes” he hesitates a little because he is not sure exactly what he is to Jared right now. He had been a friend, a lover, but now…he isn’t sure of anything regarding Jared anymore. “My name is Jensen.”

Her face flushes and her smile grows wider as she sits up panting a bit with the effort. “I know you, daddy talks about you when he thinks I’m asleep. Are you daddy’s boyfriend?”

Jensen is again shocked by the things Jared has done. Jared has told his daughter about him. Well not directly but still saying anything about him in Emily’s presents is not something he had anticipated. However it appears that Jared hasn’t told her or said some of the more intimate parts of their…relations.

“Why would you ask that?” he is curious as to just what Jared as said about him.

“Because he seems so happy when he talks about you, he smiles again and his voice sounds like it does when he used to talk to me before I came here.”

Jensen’s stomach knotted and he felt a pang in his heart for his daughter. She had been here suffering and he’d been happy with Jared, which made him angry at Jared for being with him and not with their daughter. But then again Jared had found him so that he could help his daughter. He couldn’t understand how Jared had justified spending so much time with him, doing….he wasn’t sure what Jared had thought to do with him before revealing his…their…daughter originally or if making him love Jared had been in the plan all along. He was sure he would not have responded well to Jared just showing up and demanding that Jensen help the daughter he never knew he had. Making him like Jared would have been good then telling him but making Jensen love him? Would he have thought Jensen would be so devoted as to not have any problems about helping? He would never know unless he asked Jared and he still was unsure of if he wanted to see him.

“Will you take care of him?” Emily’s whispered voice broke through his thoughts. His face must have shown confusion or perhaps she thought he hadn’t heard her. “When I’m...” she hesitated then continued pleadingly “will you take care of him?”

He couldn’t say anything for a minute before blurting out something that any parent of a sick child would say. “You’re get better you’re not going to die.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth he knew that he was being naive, there was no way to know what would happen to her.

“That’s what daddy says but the doctors say I need help to…cure…” she face scrunched up a bit in the way most people’s faces do when they think they had forgotten or misunderstood something before going on. “And he can’t help me cure even though he wants to. Grandmama says that she and grandpapa can’t help either. Auntie Gen and uncle Chad were helping daddy look for someone to come and help him make me better but I don’t think anyone can. He’s so sad all the time even though he acts like he’s not, but for the past weeks he’s been better. He talks about you when he is better and you must make him happy and I want him to be happy after I go see my fishies in heaven. He told me he has found someone to help me, that he was going to bring them but he came back from his last trip alone and upset, sadder than when the doctors told him I was sick.” She looked at him with an expression that resembled that of a begging puppy and his heart was melting even at the knots in his guts tightened and turned to lead. Jared had a grown up version of that look and that thought didn’t help at all.

He was struck by how much she understood of what was going on with her and around her. He was no expert about children but she appeared to be very smart and wise beyond what a small child would be. He wasn’t even sure of her exact age but she could be no older than six possibly almost seven if Jared had gotten his eggs right after he had signed them away. She knew that what made her ill could and might killer her. He was struck with a horrifying thought that she was giving up fighting if she was asking him to be there for Jared if she was not and she seemed sure she wouldn’t be. Because she needed help only he might be able to provide and he felt guilty that if he hadn’t come to see her he might had tried to push the whole out of his mind until it was too late. He decided then that even if he and Jared couldn’t work out anything between them he would help his daughter as much as he was able.

“I can’t promise to be there and make him happy, in fact we had a….” he can’t tell her they had a fight and he isn’t sure she would understand if he used the word disagreement instead. His brain raced for a word to get across what he wanted and he discarded argument, tiff, and tantrum as well as a far-fetched expression time out. At last he couldn’t think of anything and just went on “but he did come see me so that I might talk to the doctors about trying to help you. They would need to give me lots of tests first so I can’t be sure if I could or not but he loves you and wants you to stay and make him happy so he traveled a long way to get me. You can promise me to keep fighting to stay while the doctors poke me with all kinds of ouchies and your….daddy…can keep looking.” He knew however that if he didn’t match her well enough with whatever they were looking for that there would be no other help out there for her. He was the last of the Ackles, the other side of her genetics, there were no other relatives on his side to test. That brought a pang that had been buried deep that his family was gone and that he was alone. At least until his baby was born, a sibling to Emily….if he wasn’t the one she needed could she hold on until this new baby was born. A brother or sister that would have the same genetics as Emily, who could possibly be a match for her?

It was something he would have to talk over with her doctor…and Jared. He knew now that he couldn’t avoid Jared if he was to do anything for Emily. He was unsure of what right he did or didn’t have in this situation. He wasn’t some anonymous stranger who was donation blood or body parts. He decided that he need to talk to Misha as well, he’d need support before he confronted Jared. “You promise me you’ll keep fighting to get better and I’ll promise to do what I can to help you and…” again he was at a loss of words for what he would do for or with Jared. “I’ll work with your daddy” was what he finally came up with as Emily watched him expectantly.

“Pinky promise?” Emily raise her hand up her little fist loosely closed but her pinky finger sticking out slightly closed.

Jensen remembered the gesture and that his little sister Mack had used it with him sometimes and his eyes misted over with tears as he reached out his own hand in similar pose and looped his pinky finger in hers. He shook slowly afraid that he could hurt Emily in her weakened state and she smiled at him letting her hand fall back to the bed when he let go.

This seemed to be some kind of cosmic que because a moment later the door opened and Jared walked in announcing he had ice cream. Jensen stared at him as if he’d lost his head before realizing that the ice cream was for Emily and that was most likely why she had been alone when he arrived. For some reason he hadn’t thought too hard on why she would have been alone. He had expected to see someone with her when he had first thought about coming in to see her. She was sick and therefor logically would and should be surrounded by family, friends and the people who loved her. But he had arrived and her room had been empty and he hadn’t thought too much about it. Thinking on it now he wondered just who had been staying with her while Jared was with him. He got a flash of guilt that she had been deprived of her father while he’d been with Jared but anger as well that Jared would stay with him so long while she was here. But those thoughts could go round and round in his head forever and wouldn’t help anyone so he pushed them aside and focused on the here and now. Jared and Emily.

Jared after staring at him and not getting any response but a stare back had gone to Emily and presented her with a bowl of the proclaimed ice cream. Glancing at it it seemed to be like yogurt for how much it had melted and it made him frown. Where had Jared gone for so long that by the time he returned the ice cream he got would have half melted? Emily didn’t seem to care as she beamed at him and dug into the soupy ice cream mess with enthusiasm. Jared leaned down to whisper in her ear as she was eating and she paused just long enough to look at him and give him a smile before going back to eating. Jared standing up straight gave him a brief tight lipped smile before gesturing towards the door. He nodded and proceeded Jared out so that Emily wouldn’t hear them and whatever they had to say to each other in whatever manner they were going to say it in besides a pleasant one.

Chapter 10 Jensen

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 9
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Jared & Jensen

Jared had been gone for a week and Jensen was still feeling bad. When Jared had called the night before Misha had answered before he could and between the two of them had decided he was going to the doctors by the end of the week weather he liked it or not. He had been grumpy but decided to go anyway, and sooner rather than later so he could get it out of the way and show them that he was fine. That he just had a bad bug and it would pass. So Dr. Ellis would see him in two days, if he wasn’t better by then, and that would be that. The two days he had to wait seemed to crawl by with Misha giving him concerned glances every morning and commenting on his lack of progress on becoming well.

On the appointed day Misha took him to Dr. Ellis’s office and gladly filled out all the paperwork while Dr. Ellis did a routine check up and collected some blood and urine, shudder and yuck. Since it was a slow day in the lab if he didn’t mind waiting a bit Dr. Ellis would run a basic battery of tests and see if any of this immediate theory’s on his illness were correct.

He hated to wait but did so anyway when Misha gave him a baleful look and firmly told him that the farm wasn’t likely to fall apart while they waited but he could if it was something serious. So he and Misha sat in the cold exam room and waited, talking about what they would have to do for the coming fall. After what seemed like forever Dr. Ellis came back in with a large smile and a folder with several papers in it.

“Well what’s the verdict? Am I going to croak or can you just give me some antibiotics or something cus I got work to do?” He was so ready to be out of there that it took him a moment to register Dr. Ellis’s prognosis and when he did…well, it wasn’t good.

“Congratulations cowboy looks like you’re going to be a father” Dr. Ellis sounded very happy.

But Jensen’s ears were now ringing and he couldn’t hear what the doctor said next. Pregnant? He couldn't be pregnant, he was sterile. Did he even have any eggs left anyway if he wasn’t sterile, which he was. Why was breathing so hard? What was that burning thing on his shoulder that he couldn’t flinch away from? Why was the world tilting and gray and out of focus? Why was he so tired, was it time to sleep? A great darkness came upon him and he surrendered to it without a fight.

When he became aware again he was laying on a bed in the doctors more serious rooms and Misha was sitting in a chair beside him. “What happened?” he asked groggily he still felt a bit fuzzy and he was thirsty.

Misha held up a cup with a straw hanging out and he latched on to it gratefully taking long sips. When he let it go Misha pulled it away and looked at him sadly. “You had a panic attack Jen” he sounded very serious. “Also you are pregnant” Misha stared right at him not pulling any punches just plowing through the facts.

Jensen panicked when he got home and almost called Jared several times but didn’t. He need to think things over for himself before he told Jared. Because when he told Jared he’s have to Jared everything including his past. He’d kept that from Jared talking very little about it and changing the subject as quickly as he could. Now there wouldn’t be a way to avoid it.

Jared would be returning in two weeks and Jensen would tell him then and they would work something out. In the meantime he just wouldn’t think about it. Misha could do that for him because he knew Misha was already undoubtedly making plans. Misha would watch out for him until Jared came back. When Jared did come back Jensen was waiting for him in the living room.

“Jared we have to talk” Jensen said seriously not getting up to greet Jared.

“Um okay” Jared sounded a bit nervous and sat down on the couch turning serious “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what to say really and I hate beating around the bush so I’ll just be blunt. I’m pregnant.”

“What?” Jared would have fallen down if he wasn’t already sitting and he leaned forward towards Jensen’s chair. “How..are you sure? I thought you said you couldn’t have children” Jared started running a hand through his hair. “You can’t be, you can’t.”

“Apparently the doctors were wrong and I can be and am pregnant. I understand if you don’t want anything to do with the baby but we’ll be over if that’s the case because I’m keeping it” Jensen’s voice was soft but serious and he made no move towards Jared and his face didn’t change expression.

“No, no I love you, a baby it’s” Jared shook his head and sighed “a baby is great but right now the timing is terrible. I um, I have something to tell you too.” Jensen remained silent so Jared went on looking at his hands instead of Jensen. If he looked at Jensen he wasn’t sure if he could get it all out. He knew he should have told Jensen the truth earlier but as time had gone by and they fell in love he wasn’t sure how and every time he thought the timing was right something came up or someone interrupted them.

“I do love you I’ve told you that this news doesn’t change that, having a baby with you is good but…” Jared took a big breath and let it out sneaking a peek at Jensen before looking down again. “We already have a baby.”

Jensen just looked at him nothing showing on his face and Jared wondered if Jensen had heard him. The silence stretched on and Jared was wondering if he should say something again when Jensen reacted at last. “I don’t understand what are you saying?”

“I told you when I first came to the ranch, when I first met you that I wanted to learn the architecture of the ranch that I wanted to do an article on it. And that was true enough in part but it wasn’t the main reason I came. I was actually looking for you because I need you, I still do, now more than ever. I have a daughter, her name is Emily. She is the result of me and a surrogate. However I used a donor egg and not the surrogates or a friends. That egg was yours.”

“You must be wrong I never donated any eggs, any eggs I had were fried or dest…”Jensen broke off abruptly. “No, no no no no!” He chanted and shook his head as he got up and began to pace. “They couldn’t have….” he ran from the room not finishing his thoughts and into the bedroom where the sounds of objects falling or being thrown were heard.

Jared got up and went to stand in the door way to see what Jensen was doing and to stop him if he was about to hurt himself. Jensen was standing in the open closet doorway moving things and throwing them from the shelf over the hanging clothes. When he appeared to find what he was looking for he moved to the bed. In his hands was an old dusty shoe box which was upended on the bed spilling everything out into a large pile. Jensen pushed the papers around until he spied the right one lifting it out of the mess to read his hand shaking the whole time. Tears flowed from his eyes as he read and Jared went to him to give him support and because he was curious about the paper Jensen had been so desperate to find. As soon as he reached Jensen the man turned on him.

“Get out you bastard, get out!” Jensen was yelling and shoving and hitting at Jared’s chest as if he’d gone mad. Tears were running down his cheeks and no doubt making Jensen’s eye sight blurry which was the only reason why he hadn’t punch Jared yet because it was hard to see where to punch.

Jared wanted to stay but he heard a commotion in the back of the house and knew Misha must be home. If Misha came in and heard Jensen telling Jared to leave he’d manhandle Jared out or call for help form the ranch hands to do so. Giving in he held up his hands and stepped away from Jensen. “I’ll go for the moment but I’ll giving you a call later. We need to talk about this I can’t leave without that. Misha is coming and will help you calm down because you need to do that. If not for yourself for the baby.” That had been the wrong thing to say as Jensen let out a scream then and Jared in the most cowardice moment of his life fled from the man he loved who needed his help. He left the ranch and checked into a hotel a town over so if an angry Misha or farmhand came looking they would have a harder time finding him.

Over the next few days he tried to call Misha when Misha wasn’t calling him to yell and rant and rave at him. He even moved to a hotel further away just to be safe in case Misha ever decided to do some of the things he treated him with in defense of Jensen. Finally after almost a week Misha had stopped railing at him long enough for him to tell Misha the truth of who he was and why he had come looking for Jensen and to assure the man that he still loved Jensen. They had had a very long conversation of what he wanted from Jensen as well. Misha told him that Jensen thought he wanted him just to save Emily, that using him had just been a bonus. Jared had a hard time not crying as Misha told him this and it must have sounded in his voice as he explained that he loved Jensen and would never hurt him intentionally. He would to prove it come back and stand still in the yard and let Jensen shoot him if that’s what would make him feel better.

Thus persuaded of Jared’s feelings Misha started working on a plan to get Jensen to talk to him so he could explain all this to him. More so even because there were some things Jared wouldn’t tell Misha, that were for Jensen alone. Meanwhile as Misha worked on Jensen he had to go back New York and Emily. The times he could leave her were becoming less and less and with him not allowed to be around Jensen for the time being it was useless to stay. Misha agreed and so he went back to New York hoping for not one miracle now but two. That Misha could convince Jensen to talk to him so he could ask for help again and for Jensen to be able and willing to help Emily. In the meantime all he could do was be by his little girl’s side and wait for Jensen to call.

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 8
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Jared & Jensen

Donor x5-494 was a man named Jensen Ackles not something Jensen or something Ackles and he owned the ranch that he lived on. Chad’s information had been slightly wrong. Jared was quick to think on his feet and told Jensen that he was studying working ranches to do an article and to get a feel for the spaces ad look of different places so that he could design something that looked truly country but would be in a modern suburb. He would like to visit several times and explore some of the buildings as well as the main house. He and Jensen talked for hours about this and he felt there was a connection there. He was momentarily worried when Jensen introduced him to Misha his partner. But it came out later that Misha was his business partner and nothing more. Jensen had blushed at this and Misha winked at him before walking away. It had surprised him when Jensen had made his deal with him and gave him the guest bedroom and work.

Changing his plan to get to know Jensen over his visits and then ask the man to get tested had been good. He hoped that they could be good friends by then and Jensen would feel for his daughter enough to ignore that Jared had broken several laws to find him. Jensen didn’t have an obligation to Emily legally but he hoped that Jensen would have the moral obligation to try and help. He knew that Jensen would be angry and possibly hurt and there was always they fact that in essence Jared was using him. But he would have to take his chances and just pray for the best. He was unsure of what would happen after because there was no way there wouldn’t be any fall out but he would cross that bridge when he came to it and after Jensen knew about Emily and had agreed to help her or not.

His plans to visit and work the ranch worked it out well. He visited the ranch when Emily had long stays in the hospital and then gone back to New York to be there for when she went in and when she came out and when she would be home. His family could watch Emily while he was away and he could always video chat with her from here. He worked a plan with Jeff as well for when he was gone and often took work with him when he could. He was often two weeks with Jensen in Texas and Two weeks at home with Emily. She was sad he had to go away and he was sad every time he came home without Jensen but the more time he spent on the ranch with Jensen the deeper their relationship grew and he couldn’t bring himself to shake that up just yet. Besides it was a little while yet till Emily could even have the surgery for a bone marrow transplant. He had time.

On one return trip to New York his family asked what he was doing so often in Texas and he could only give the explanation that he was looking for some special help for Emily and didn’t want to give the details in case it didn’t pan out. He didn’t want to get all their hopes up too high. He made plans with JD and did confide in Gen what he was doing though. Chad offered to keep digging up dirt on Jensen and his business partner Misha if Jared wanted to resort to black mail. He emphatically told Chad he would not and Chad just shrugged. With that done he talked to again Emily about the fact that he was looking for ways to make her better and that if she really needed him she could call and he would come running.

He always felt guilty leaving Emily and arriving at Jensen’s only to leave there felling guilty about not bringing him back. Keeping so many secrets from everyone was beginning to wear on him and at night he would talk to Emily in her sleep when he was in New York. It made him feel a little better about what he was doing but he knew that he had to stop it all soon he just didn’t know exactly when or how. The more time he spent with Jensen the more he fell in love the man he had made a connection with on his first visit. Or even to be honest with himself when he had read his donor profile. He wanted to bring up Emily so many times but he just couldn’t not yet. He knew he would have too soon as Emily’s second round of radiation would be starting soon. He would need to have Jensen tested by her last treatment to see if he was a match so that they could harvest and transplant the bone marrow soon after.

Emily was in the hospital recovering from the surgery to remove as many cancer cells as possible and Jared had been a bit distracted while he waited for bed time so he could call her. Jensen who didn’t know this had noticed how distracted he was and had been trying to make him feel better about whatever was worrying him. Jensen had fixed him a nice dinner and said he had wanted to go over some building drawings with Jared in his office. They sat pressed together on the big couch there and looked down at a very simple blueprint of a bunk house he’d managed to find. As Jared usually did he studied them and turned to give Jensen his opinion and ask what it is Jensen was hoping to get out of him looking the design over. Only this time before he could say anything Jensen was kissing him.

It took him a moment for his brain to kick in and by then Jensen was pulling back from him but he chased after Jensen and kissed him this time. The blueprints slid to the floor as they maneuvered in order to make out seriously. After several minutes of kissing Jensen leaned back and Jared followed laying down on top of him and using his arms to box him in as he deepened his kisses. He could feel that Jensen was getting hard beneath him and his cock responded by getting hard as well. Jensen shifted his legs so that Jared was cradled between them and bringing them closer together.

“I want…” Jared started but Jensen cut him off before he could say more.

“Yes” it came out as a groan and he moved his hand to Jared’s jeans unbuckling the belt, popping the button and unzipping his fly before reaching in to stroke Jared through his boxers. Jared moaned into a kiss and returned the favor only with his hand wiggled inside of Jensen’s boxers.

They stroked each other for a bit before Jared’s hand retreated to his pocket and pulled out a condom. “I was not anticipating this as nice as it is but Misha has been sneaking condoms into all my pockets and drawers and bags.”

Jensen chuckled low and it sent shivers down Jared’s spine “mine too.”

There were a few more kisses before bring the condom packet up so that he could open it with his teeth, his other hand had found its way to Jensen’s cock while they were kissing.

“Wait” Jensen placed a hand on Jared’s chest, not pushing him away but stopping any further action. “Are you” he licked his lips and looked right into Jared’s eyes as if he could see into Jared “are you clean?”

“Yes” Jared nodded “haven’t been with anyone in years, always was careful before that” Jared’s fingers tightened on the condom packet. Could Jensen be sick? The thought was only for a second but he dismissed it. What he knew of Jensen was that the man was careful about everything and he’d had fewer partners then Jared. If he wasn’t sick before he had donated his eggs he couldn’t be sick now, could he?

Jensen let the hand on Jared’s arm travel down to his wrist, squeezed lightly before fingers moved down to brush Jared’s and pull the condom packet from his fingers before letting it drop. “Good, cus I want to feel you, all of you.”

If it were possible to get harder Jared would have and he had to grab the base of his cock to stop himself from coming right the hell now. He let out a groan and bent his head to kiss Jensen who submitted to him and opened his mouth to let in Jared’s tongue. After a minute of kissing Jared had himself reined in enough to let of his cock. He reached out and took Jensen’s in his hand and stroked a few times as he positioned himself at Jensen’s entrance. Looking into Jensen’s eyes he pushed forward just enough for the head of his cock to enter Jensen and Jensen let out a little hiss as he did so. He waited a moment for Jensen to adjust but Jensen just shook his head.

“No it’s good Jared keep going I’m okay.” To prove that he was right Jensen bucked a bit taking Jared in more.

Jared kissed him leaning down to hold him still as he gave a tiny thrust sliding in an inch before stilling again. “I like to take my time” he said once his mouth was free and pulled out that first inch before thrusting in further than before. Jensen let out a moan as he did and peppered kisses on Jared’s neck as Jared continued to rock in and out of Jensen an inch at a time before with a groan he was finally seated all the way inside his pelvis resting against Jensen’s ass.

Jared only paused long enough to give Jensen a deep kiss before starting up a newer faster and harder rhythm. Once established he began shifting and changing angles slightly until Jensen cried out sharply. Jared just smiled as he had found Jensen’s prostate. Trying to drag out the pleasure he only peg Jensen’s prostate every third or fourth thrust and varied his speed to draw out their coupling. Jensen tried to hurry things along a few times but Jared wouldn’t have it and just kissed him into distraction. Finally Jared couldn’t take much more and started a fast pace nailing Jensen’s prostate continually. After only a minute Jensen threw his head back arched and cried out as he came. His inner muscles contracted as he orgasmed and Jared gave a few more deep thrusts before pressing tightly to Jensen and coming himself. Once he was truly spent he maneuvered so that he was resting on the couch and Jensen was on top of him. They just lay for a while in silence until Jensen snorted.

“We need to clean up, I like you but I don’t think I want to be stuck to you.” He slowly sat up hissing a bit as Jared slid out of him. “It’s fine just a little sore, haven’t done that in a while” he tried to reassure Jared.

“You sure?” Jared asked sitting up a bit and looking Jensen over as if he could see any hurt he might have caused.

“Yeah it’s fine” Jensen got up and stretched and Jared ogled his lean body. He started walking towards the bathroom when he looked over his shoulder at Jared. “I like to conserve water so it might be a good idea to share the shower” and moved out of the room. Jared was up and after him in an instant.

The shower was long and they managed to make a new mess of themselves that washed away just as fast as they could make it and by the time they were done the water had turned cold.

After that they were together every night until Jared had to head back to New York. For the next two trips they resumed their passionate affair everywhere and anywhere they thought they wouldn’t get caught. Jensen was very up for sex in interesting places and he got a thrill from it as well. They even had special welcome back sex and goodbye sex for Jared’s trips that seemed to blow him away every time. For the second goodbye surprise Jensen had taken him up for a picnic in a clearing in a forested area of the ranch where they would be undisturbed. They had fed each other the lunch and then made love on the blanket. When they got back to the ranch Jensen told him he had let everyone off for the night and they were all in town. Jensen the kinky bastard wanted sex in the barn…in the hay…bend over a saddle with Jared taking him from behind. Jared had been much obliging and had dragged it out till Jensen had begged to come since Jared had kept him from doing so by keeping his hands pinned behind him. He had replied that Jensen could come when he wanted to but never released his hand. With a bit of cursing and wiggling on Jensen’s part and laughter and angle change on his Jensen did come, all on his own. The last thing was to take a long hot soak in Jensen’s big jet bath tub before he flew home.

Jared only had one more visit, two tops before he would need to tell Jensen about Emily. He needed to make a plan on how to do it. He fretted the whole plane ride even as exhausted as he was from his recent activities and long muscle relaxing soak with Jensen. His visit with Emily went well even though she was feeling poorly but the radiation had done its work and she was mostly cancer free at that visit. Jared focused on her and making her happy that he still didn’t have a plan by the time he had to return to Jensen. Besides Jensen had been unwell recently and he had worried about that on top of worrying about Emily.

As it turned out he didn’t need a plan and even if he had one he would never have gotten to use it. Because Jensen had some news for him first.

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 7
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Jared & Jensen

Misha had been suspicious of Jared Padalecki from the first day he had arrived. Jared had told him he was an architect and that had been an easy thing to check out. He had been a little surprised to see that Jared was part of a firm that made a decent amount of money and had some beautiful and famous buildings under its and thus his belt. He had been shocked when Jensen had invited Jared to stay at the ranch and moreover in the house. Worse Jared was to help work on the ranch. Jared was a city boy, al be it a pretty fit city boy but a body sculpted in a gym was nothing from that gained by working on a ranch. He didn’t like the way Jensen had been eyeing Jared either. There had never been another man since Scott who had been Jensen’s only. It worried him since Jensen was his dearest friend. He didn’t want anyone to take advantage of him and he had no doubt that Jared could do that very easily. He didn’t want to have to pick all the broken pieces up when he left. He would watch Jared like a hawk when he was here and enjoy it deeply when he failed and gave up working the ranch.

However despite what Misha thought of him Jared stayed his first day and his second even though Misha made sure he got just under double the work the second day. It bothered him also that Jensen was so attentive to him after the work was done. Showing Jared around the ranch was nothing but the small talk that became more prevalent during the evenings, that was another matter. Jensen of course never excluded him but he still more often than not left the two of them to their conversations. Not that he gave up watching Jared or listening shamelessly to their evening chats.

Jensen caught him on the fourth day trying to give Jared the worst of the jobs and scolded him for it and it burned a bit. That night he had overheard Jared trying discreetly and failing to ask if Misha had been or wanted to be his lover! He just about blew a gasket. He loved Jensen but not in that way, they were more brothers than anything else. Business partners as well since the third year and Misha has taken a few acers to have an orchard and a few bee hives. Jensen told Jared what Misha was thinking as if he was reading his friend’s mind. Misha now knew that Jared was beyond interested in his friend. It was time to take a different tack in regards to Jared.

While Jared was out the next morning Misha went through his things and his laptop and phone. The man needed to protect his computer better since Misha was able to get right on it. There wasn’t anything suspect on the lap top from just a quick perusal the phone was different. The boy liked to call his mama, granted that wasn’t bad every now and then but he called her once a day. Maybe she was sick or something? He hadn’t said anything to indicate it in any of the conversations he’d had with anyone on the ranch. The other three top calls were to, in call order Gen, JD and Chad. Misha took down the numbers and went to consult notes he’d been making since the second day Jared had arrived.

Gen was first and that was easy enough as she was mentioned a few times. Gen was an old friend and his secretary at the firm. She might have been a rival except every other time she was noted it was in reference with JD. JD, second on the list was actually a Jeff and was Jared’s old teacher and now business partner. Misha went online to look them up anyway. Gen’s full name was Genevieve Cortese and she was indeed the secretary at Jared’s firm. She had lived in LA until her move to New York five years ago. It was unlikely she and Jared had anything going, or it was his best guess and he hoped he was right. Next Jeffrey ‘JD’ Morgan was a handsome man who looked to be middle aged and if he was older he had aged gracefully. Misha wondered if he had a voice to match his looks, he was a sucker for a good rich voice. But moving on there were no accusations to be found that he had dated any of his students and given that he and Jared were business partners more than likely they weren’t hooking up either. But he sure would hook up with JD if the man was interested.

Last was Chad Michael Murray and he was the hardest to pin down. The man didn’t have much of an internet presence and when he found out Chad was a PI he guessed Chad was either good at covering his tracks or paid to have it done. In the end would took a shot in the dark that it was a bit of both. Chad was a mystery to him beyond that fact that he was a ‘friend’ of Jared’s and he was a PI. So he decided to throw caution to the wind and give Chad a call. The only decision he had to make was if he wanted to call Chad’s work line and hire him to look into Jared or to call his personal line and tip his hand that he was looking into Jared. In the end he bit the bullet and decided to call his personal line, besides the fees he wanted for his services were way too high in his opinion.

He did wait however to call until late evening when Jared and Jensen had gone to bed, meaning it was even later in New York. He hoped that it would throw Chad off his game a bit, and it worked for all of thirty seconds. All he had to do was mention Jared and Jensen in the same sentence, than Chad seemed to be as awake as if he’d had a gallon of coffee. That in itself was telling.


“Chad hello I’m a friend of Jared’s…”

“You are? In where the fuck is that Texas?”
“And I’m just checking up on him. I heard that he was with an acquaintance of his Jensen Ackles.”

The line was silent for a minute and Misha had considered Chad had hung up on him until the man let out a sigh. “Do you know what time it is dude?”

“Perfectly” Misha’s smile must have somehow transmitted in his voice because Chad snorted.

“Yeah well what is it you want exactly before I hang up on you and unplug the phone so I can get my beauty sleep.”

“Oh I’m just doing a friend a favor and finding out if you are Jared’s lover”

Chad choked on the other end of the line and coughed a bit before he whizzed an answer. “Dude I don’t swing that way and you are one twisted individual to ask that. But since I’m now awake, thank you for that, I’ll tell you one thing. Jared hasn’t got a lover or a husband or a wife or a mistress. Now go fuck yourself and good night.”

The line went dead and Misha tossed his phone aside and pondered what could happen in the future. Jensen liked Jared it was plain to see and just as equally Jared seemed to like Jensen. But Jared would be leaving in a short time and that would be that. So thinking everything was fine he went to sleep.

But when it did come time for Jared to leave a few days later he asked to come back and Jensen agreed. Misha worried.

Jared would return several times over the next few months and as Misha had predicted he and Jensen fell into a relationship. Just when Misha thought everything would turn out alright it all went to hell in a hand basket.

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 6
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Jared & Baby

If Jared swore, which he did not thank you very much, he would right now. Instead he settled for lightly banging his head on the steering wheel of his rented SUV. He had spent almost two hours driving up and down this ten mile stretch of road at an ever slowing pace with each pass. He would have liked to give up and turn tail for home but he couldn’t. He had to find Emily’s other father and nothing would get in his way now that he was so close. Finally he had given up in his search and stopped at the little gas station minimart combo at the edge of the last town to ask for directions. He was a genius architect with his own company that made him rich before twenty six but he was appalled that he couldn’t get the simple little GPS installed in the SUV to work. Or at least he thought it wasn’t working until he had been corrected by the young woman at the gas station. He was currently parked facing a dirt road, which was a generous description, as it was more of a dirt track then a road. The GPS had pleasantly chirped at him to turn right or left onto it every time he passed before directing him to pull a U-turn when he did not turn as it directed. As time had passed he had had increasing fantasies about the best was to dismantle the annoying little thing. Now he was left to swallow those dreams and admit defeat at having to continue to listen to the irritating chirping voice that it was programed with. Maybe he could build a better one with a nice voice that costumers wouldn’t feeling like destroying when given wrong directions. But that was for another time, now he sat up took a deep breath and put the SUV into all-wheel drive and stepped on the gas pedal.

The dirt track because he refused to call it a road was surprisingly smooth and pot hole free. He had encountered a gate, previously unseen, that let cars pass through a heavy duty old fashion barb wire fence at a giant dip in the track that could be considered a super-sized ditch. Getting out to open it then close it after driving through had him sweating in the fall heat that hung in the air making everything feel like it was encased in a warm damp blanket. It felt heavy in his lungs too and he was more than happy to be back in the air conditioned SUV continuing on. The track was on a slowly elevating hill and he couldn’t stop his mind from wondering to all the red neck hick stereotypes as the soundtrack from Deliverance played in his head, despite the lack of a known river nearby. For the type of ranch he was looking for he would have never expected to find it out here in the middle of nowhere. His anxiety level rose as did the incline of the hill and he hoped he had made the right choice in coming alone. After all he had no real idea of exactly what he was getting into in reality to his hopes and imagined dreams.

From all his information gathering Jensen or Ackles worked on a ranch, a real ranch. One that despite its small size and relative newness of operations sold some of the best most sought after beef in the state. Also the horses they raised were also coming up as increasingly good stock. Jared knew nothing about ranches or animals besides that they took main stage and feature in western and cowboy stories and provide food. He had no idea what Jensen did there at the ranch he was headed to but whatever it was wouldn’t be easy work. That bit of information he hoped would work in his favor. He could offer Jensen some time off to which he would pay him for to make up for missing work and a chance to see a big city, assuming he had lived out here most if not all his life. Also the hard work meant that he had to be in some kind of good health and shape which was what he was looking for to help out Emily.

As he approached the top of the hill he slowed and looked over to a mailbox which from the main road had looked like a stick when he had squinted at it. It was small and plain, a metal box painted black with faded white numbers on the side half obscured by a red flag. How the mailman saw if the flag was raised he had no idea but the man must have eagle eyes to do so.

Jared looked at the address one more time and back up the dirt road. He hoped that Chad’s outrageous teasing wasn’t true and he wouldn’t find a bunch of hillbillies ready to shoot him for trespassing when he got to the end of the road. Putting the car into four-wheel drive he turned onto the road and went slowly winding his way up the small hill. When he got to the top though he had to stop and gape at the scene before him. It was like the picture of a postcard or in those interest magazines, it could even be the setting in a western movie. He was looking at an honest to god small working ranch. There was a monster of a main house with wraparound porch, next to it a small shed and a garage. There was a small coral a distance from the house. A ways behind the house was a bunk house with porch and a large field behind it. There was a big barn and more pens to keep animals and shade stalls. Moving back from that were large fields with cows and horses. He wondered what his donor did here and if maybe things worked out he could bring Emily here to see the ranch someday. Emily liked ponies and had been thrilled to ride one, with his assistance of course, at the fair right before she got sick.

Thinking of Emily made his focus of his quest come back to him and he started down the hill. He drove slowly as he approached the house in case any smaller animals, of what kind he hadn’t a clue, decided to dart out in front of his SUV. Then the problem was where to park exactly? The decision was made for him by the fact that the garage door was down and there was a man waiting on the porch steps for him by the time he got close to the house. He had assumed that whoever the man was he had seen the SUV coming. He parked in front of the steps and got out as soon as he’d turned off the engine, leaving the keys in the ignition just in case the man told him to leave.

“Help you?” the man who had been waiting for him asked, no Texas accent in his voice. He was shorter then Jared but not by more than a head, his skin was slightly tanned, his body lean with dark brown messy hair and very blue eyes.

The man was handsome but didn’t fit the description given to him by the fertility clinic so he knew that this wasn’t Jensen Ackles. “My name is Jared Padalecki and I’m looking for a Jensen or an Ackles. “

The man gave him a very confused then suspicious look eyeing him up and down as if deciding whether it was worth it to chase him off or tell him off. “I was given the names and this ranch as a reference” Jared lied thinking fast “I’m an architect doing some research and writing an article.”

At this the man gave a tilt of his head that was very much in line with a birds and stared. Jared was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the silence and the way the man was analyzing him when the man finally straightened up and a smile came over his face, eyes lighting up with mischief.

“Well then come on in and take a load off while I get the man himself” his greeter turned opening the screen door and walking through the open front door.

Jared just stood there a moment puzzled before shrugging to himself and climbing the steps to follow the man inside. What was the worst that could happen after this odd encounter? Apparently a lot.

He was shown into a high ceilinged living room with lots of wood furniture and a huge fireplace and told to make himself comfortable. The man who finally introduced himself was Misha, and having offered him a beer, which he declined in case he would be driving off soon went to the kitchen to get the man he had come to find. He walked around the room while he waited and found the furniture while beautiful was old. Kept in good repair it looked comfortable and he guessed that this was a generational ranch or had been until recently. The fireplace was used judging by the soot stains and the basket of fresh wood off to the side. The mantle held dried flowers, rocks, bits of bone and antler and two pictures. One was of an old man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, he was smiling for the camera. The other was of a family group. The old man was there, years younger next to a pretty woman about his age and in front of them was a boy about sixteen he’d guess with a dog at the boy’s feet. All of them were smiling wide like they didn’t have a care in the world. The boy in the photo wasn’t his donor he was sure and the picture looked old like it belonged with the furniture.

He was startled from his musings of the family photo by a husky voice “You are looking for me Mr. Padalecki? What is it I can do for you?”

Jared turned to see the speaker who was the prettiest man he’d ever seen and who had to be Emily’s donor father. He looked better than his description but all the features and colors matched. He had to swallow before speaking and at the same time bit his tongue to not blurt out that his daughter, one he’d never met needed him. Or that Jared would very much like to take him home and keep him. “Are you Mr. Jensen or Mr. Ackles?” He asked instead curious to know the name of the man who would save his daughter.

A small amused smile flited across the face of his donor before he answered “actually it’s both, my name is Jensen Ackles. Now what can me and my ranch do for you?”

Jared was stunned so much it took him a minute to understand that Jensen was waiting for an answer. “I…I’m and architect” he strutted.

Jensen just kept looking at him and at last raised an eyebrow and he understood that didn’t answer his question.

“I’m studying ranch style homes and the like to get a better feel so I can design some more modern ones in the suburbs. Not that yours isn’t nice or anything, it’s beautiful. It just wouldn’t fit in a city.” Jared rambled and Jensen’s lips twitched and Jared stopped to watch them.

“And?” Jensen’s lip twitch became a smile as he again raised that eyebrow.

Jared flushed slightly thinking he was caught staring and went on to try and cover it looking just over Jensen’s shoulder so he wouldn’t get distracted again. “And I’d like to study your ranch if possible maybe at least see some blueprints if you have them. Or get the name of the architect that built the place?”

“You’d need more than a few hours to do that Mr. Padalecki and the builder was my great grandfather so I imagine the blueprints if there are any are somewhere in some box in the attic.” Jensen was looking him over now and he had to control himself to not stand up straight and puff up for inspection.

“I’m staying here in town for a few days” he replied using Jensen’s perusal of him as an invite to look Jensen over. And boy did the man look good, better than the description he had read all those years ago. Emily definably got so of her good looks from Jensen.

“Well then Mr. Padalecki I might have a proposition for you. I’m shorthanded for the next month as one of my men broke his foot a few days ago. You can come and stay here, room and board will be covered by you helping out with his job. Some help I better than none and you look in decent shape. If you don’t fall right asleep after the work day I’ll show you all around the house and see if I can’t find those blue prints for you. I’ll answer your questions about the house too if I can since some repair work has been done over the years.”

Jared couldn’t believe it, an offer to stay with Emily’s father, to get to know him a bit and have a better chance to ask him for help if they became friends. Getting to know the design of the house to boot would be an added bonus. He’d have to expand his trip away from Emily but if he video called she would understand and so would his family if it meant bringing Jensen home with him. “Yes I think I can swing that but under one condition.”

“And what would that be?” Jensen looked him in the eyes his smile fading.

“You’ll have to call me Jared.”

The smile returned to Jensen’s face and even his eyes sparkled. “It’s a deal, I just hope you survive it, Jared.”

With that Jensen called Misha in and told him to get one of the guest rooms ready for Jared. Misha nodded but gave Jared a withering glance before he left and Jared worried that he might be intruding on something between them. He sure hoped not. Jensen then took him outside and introduced him to his friend, the ranch vet and secondary overseer Jim Beaver. The man looked Jared over and shrugged when Jensen told him that Jared would be helping out. He felt that Jim might have been laughing at him on the inside. Once that was done he want back into town to get his stuff and check out of his hotel after calling Emily and his parents to tell them what was going on.

Over the following week he just about died of exhaustion and soreness. Work a farm even the light easy stuff he was told to do was hard. Even in the shape he was in he almost through in the towel. But during that week he’d also come into a deep friendship with Jensen. They talked for hours when work was over and not just about the house and the outbuildings. He felt that he had known Jensen for a long time by the end of the week rolled around. He wanted to deepen that trust and friendship with Jensen before he asked him for help for Emily. So he didn’t tell him about her and instead asked if he could come back soon for more ‘research’. Jensen had said yes and he was delighted. Misha he saw was not happy about this at all. Misha had watched him like a hawk the whole week whenever he was around Jensen. At first he had thought that Misha might be trying to get into a relationship or had had a relationship with Jensen. But Jensen had stilled his fears about that and laughed at the idea of him and Misha as lovers. They were friends and business partners that was all. Jared was very happy about that and pushed any guilt ha had about getting close to Jensen as helping Emily. If something happened between them it would or it wouldn’t. He would see when he told Jensen about Emily and asked him to come back to New York on his next trip.

Emily was happy to see him when he got home and presented her with a cowboy hat and a horse figurine that could be used with her dolls and toy trucks. He told her he was very close to finding someone who might be able to help her but he wasn’t sure yet. She reassured him that everything would turn out well. He wished he could be as optimistic as her. He wouldn’t go back to see Jensen until two or three weeks had passed and Emily’s next round of radiation had passed and she was feeling better.

Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 5
Sweet Child of Mine Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Jared & Baby

Meg and her fiancé Liam had offered Jared their guestroom while he was in town but he had declined just in case Meg hated or was offended by his proposal and he didn’t want to be around if that happened. He did plan to have a few dinners with them and take a tour of the museum he was going to be working on with them. In fact it was while on the tour that Meg gave him the idea he needed to make his grand plans for the new exhibits and renovations.

Jared had had his meeting with the board of curators and major investors of the museum that morning until well after lunch and they had offered him a private tour so he could get to take a look at all the behind the scenes action and a guide would be available to him for any questions and to enhance the experience. He had gotten permission to bring his sister and her fiancé and the evening had been eventful. After the tour there had been so many ideas in his head he needed to get out he hardly paid attention to Meg and her fiancé at dinner and doodled over every napkin that wasn’t being used and stole a few from a nearby empty table. Meg didn’t hold it against him knowing how he worked and let him go with taking what remained of his hardly touched meal back to his hotel so that he could have the real instruments he used and could concentrate on his plans. He promised to make it up to them in a day or so and was off.

He stayed up well into the early morning hours working on his design and went to bed very happy. He didn’t sleep long and after waking, showering and grabbing some much needed food he was back at it. By late afternoon they drafts were finished and he arranged to show them to the museum board the next day at lunch. He arranged a dinner with Meg and her fiancé to make up for the previous dinner and to he was sure celebrate. He would be bringing take out to them and they would eat in so that way high on endorphins and maybe some alcohol he could ask Meg to be his surrogate. Before the meeting with the museum he had called JD and filled him in business wise and gotten early congratulations from him. They would celebrate when he returned with the contract.

The meeting went over better than he had hoped and the board loved his new plans. They of course had many questions and a few edits but overall they were pleased and made plans to draw up a contract to be signed within the next day or so. The plans were to have the new building be long, and high ceilinged with the center attraction being a tremendous water tank. The remains of the ship could be housed there and kept preserved as it had been for all the years it lay at the bottom of the lake. It wouldn’t decay any worse than before they brought it up and with the right co-exhibits and lighting it would be like taking a dive trip to see the sunken wonders without the hassle of actually diving. Also should they bring up another ship or change exhibits the tank could be used over and over. Other objects found could be placed there as well for preservation. The renovations to the existing building would include new walls so that there would be a small maze like section that as the patrons walked through the history of the exhibit shown could progress from the time line beginning to end and without skipping from place to place to let the full story of the pieces settle in and be less confusing to the patrons. There would still be open floor plans for random artifacts and smaller exhibits.

He shared these plans with his sister and her fiancé over dinner although not as in depth. Food was eaten while they talked and wine was had except for Meg who only took a sip as a toast. He didn’t really question her while they ate but he would ask her how she was doing when he talked to her about being his surrogate. Towards the end of the evening and before he prepared to leave he asked Meg to speak to her alone about his plans for a family. They went to the guest room while her fiancé cleaned up the dinner mess and he started talking as soon as they sat down.

“I found the perfect donor, a male of course so it’s just the eggs but” Jared actually blushes a bit telling his sister that he has picked a male donor. “That leads me to my problem which I was hoping you could help me with. I know it’s a big deal and a lot to ask for” he takes her hands in one of his own “Would you do me the honor of being my surrogate? I can get you the best care and I’ll pay for everything and you can ask for anything else you want too, uh, within reason for this really personal big favor.” Jared rushes through it so fast it almost all runs together but he had to get it out that way or he would never get it out.

Megan’s smile at Jared’s abundant happiness and good news on finding a donor slowly falls until she is almost frowning but her bottom lips sticks out a little as if she is about to pout or cry and her eyes are a little shiny with the beginnings of tear buildup.

Jared notices and his whole happy demeanor shifts into concern and sadness that he has asked too much “what is it?”

“Jared as flattered as I am, and I really am, I can’t be your surrogate” Megan holds his hand in both of hers now as she looks at him. Jared can tell she is being sincere about all of it but it still makes him a bit sad. “Any other time and I would” she blushes a little before looking down “but I’m already pregnant.”

Jared is so stunned for a second that he does nothing before breaking out in a wide grin showing dimples and pulling Megan in for a hug. “Oh that’s wonderful Meg, congratulations. How long have you known?”

“Well as best as I can tell I conceived around Christmas or New Year’s. Don’t tell mom or dad yet it’s still so new we just want to keep the news to ourselves for just a little longer and it’s still early days yet.” Meg couldn’t keep the blush away or the smile from her face.

“Of course, but” he hesitated “does Liam know?”

“Yeah I told him over Valentine’s Day but warned him to do the same. It was so new then and anything could happen I didn’t want to get his hopes up I couldn’t not tell him either.”

“I understand” he assured her “looks like mom will be getting a new grandchild after all, just not from me.”

Meg laid her hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze “You’ll give her one too...just not from me. There are still other options out there.”

“I know it’s just going to take some time to work out new arrangements that’s all. And on that happy note I need to head out before I fall asleep here. I fly back to New York tomorrow night and I need some sleep” he got up and stretched and few of his joints popping.

“Alight but we aren’t finished talking about these things okay” Meg stood up too. “I think if all goes well I’ll tell mom about the baby in a month or so. Don’t get your hopes up I’m sure everything will work out for you, just you wait and see.”

They make their way to the kitchen were he said goodbye to Liam and congratulated the pair on their baby before going back to his hotel to sleep.

When he returned to work JD wanted to look at the drafts Jared had made right away and he, JD and Genevieve ordered lunch in so they wouldn’t get distracted from going over all the details and deciding on what companies to recommend for the construction. By the time the work day was over the museum had faxed over a copy of a contract for their work the original being sent via mail currier. All they had to do was sign them and send back a copy. JD faxed back a reply that they were delighted by the contracts and would send recommendations for the construction with the signed paperwork as soon as the ink was dry.

With that JD took him and Genevieve out for a celebratory dinner that lasted a few hours but was wonderful. After it was over Genevieve shared a taxi with him and he convinced her to stay in his room and he’d take the couch since her place was farther away and it was late. She always had a change of clothes at the office and he would give her first dibs on the shower. She agreed but insisted that they share the bed.

Knowing that they would most likely be hung over in the morning already they shared a little more wine and talked about Jared’s trip in general. With his lowered inhibitions he told Genevieve about his plans to have a child and why and how his sister had graciously had to decline his offer because of her own baby. Telling it now while drunk it sounded so different and he got a little depressed and teary towards the end. At the beginning of the story Genevieve had been sitting beside but apart from him at the end she was pressed against him leaning him into her side for a half hug.

“You’ll be a wonderful father Jared and you will spoil that child rotten” she tightened her arm before angling so he could see her face. She had a big smile “Of course you are going to spoil me rotten too you know.”

“Really, why is that?” He was tired and she was beginning to not make sense.

“Because if I’m going to be carrying around your gigantic offspring you had better spoil me.”

He blinked a few times as his brain tried to process the information but couldn’t “I don’t want to sleep with you Gen. No offense you are pretty and all but you’re not my type.”

She laughed “I was once, but I don’t want to sleep with you either. I’ll be your surrogate and after you just remember that I’ll be auntie Gen the best of all the aunties.”

He really did start to cry then “really?” He sounded so hopeful and wondered briefly if this was a dream.

“Yes really Jared. I’m not exactly in the frame of mind that I would want a child of my own but I would love to have kids around, if only from time to time. And you have wanted to be a father since we were young. I can do this for you, after all you did some great things for me in the past. You’ll just have to wait on me hand and foot while I’m as big as a house at the end.”

“Thank you” was all he could say for a while as he continued to cry.

“Great now let’s go to bed, but you don’t come in till you’ve cleaned up a little, all the snot and tears look isn’t the best for you.” She got up and ruffled his hair before going into the bedroom.

He followed her a minute or two later after he had cleaned himself up. He was so wrong out that he slept like a logs and only woke up to Gen shoving him off the bed the next morning.

“Make coffee” she muttered before ducking into the bathroom to shower. After a moment he did as she asked thinking back over the night and everything they had said. He wondered if she had really meant what she had said or if it was just drunken ramblings to make him feel better.

When he had showered and they were in a taxi on their way to the restaurant to get their cars and head to work he asked her if she was still serious about her offer. She only smiled at him and nodded saying they’d talk about it later. Work was long but JD had a hangover as well so no one really suffered too much from unsympatheticness. Genevieve agreed to come to his house for dinner sans alcohol to discuss further plans for children the following night when their hangovers would be gone and they could think straight.

He was so nervous while he waited and the time until their dinner seemed to tick by so slowly. But he needn’t have worried as Genevieve came prepared with information and pamphlets on surrogacy, a few of which he had already. They worked out a plan to have Genevieve checked out by his doctor at the fertility planning clinic and if they could agree to terms make up a contract.

The appointment for Genevieve’s physical went over smoothly and they were approved to move forward. They had a lawyer draw up a contract for the procedure and any children that resulted from it. JD and Gen’s families were informed as well as his own. His family was happy for him and told him they would be there for whatever he needed. It was then that Meg announced that she was pregnant. There would be a big celebration the next time the family all got together. A date was set for the procedure and his family was going to come up to lend their support.

The time until the appointment to fertilize and transplant the eggs went by too fast Jared felt. His time came to go to the clinic a week and a half before Gen’s so that he could do his thing and fertilize the eggs. If he had told anyone that he had fantasized about having sex with his egg donor based off his physical descriptions to get in the mood and thus the job of fertilizing the eggs done they probably would have called him crazy and locked him up. But that was what he’d done and damn if it wasn’t one of the best jerk off sessions he’d had in a while. He had in the end provided more than enough sperm to get the job done and had probably spent more time in his assigned little room then men who had a hard time even getting an erection.

On the big day, Gen’s visit to the clinic, of the implantation went well and Jared frets and is restless for days and days after. So much so that by Gen’s checkup two weeks later he is exhausted and is compared to a mindless zombie. But he manages to rally what energy he has left to take his family for a big celebratory dinner when the results of the checkup come pack positive. Genevieve is pregnant with Jared’s baby. Jared falls asleep the minute he’s in the car on the way home, Gen driving arguing that she would walk all the way if Jared didn’t give her the keys. The next morning he is teased mercilessly about having to be carried to bed between Josh and his father since he wouldn’t wake up.

Genevieve is well supported at work by Jared and JD and at home by constant calls from family and even some from Chad as the following months roll by. Subsequent checkups reveal that she is only expecting one child. They decided to keep the gender a secret wanting to be surprised. She does get very large as she predicted but then again the genetic makeup of both fathers show that tall height is a dominant gene and this baby could eventually grow to be a tall adult someday. She is too pregnant to go and see Meg when her and Liam’s baby is born. It’s a girl they name Brooke and send a flood of pictures to her phone of the baby. Jared has of course stayed with her as her due date is coming up quickly and she had worked until the doctor said that she might need some bed rest. From then on out she worked limited hours on the least stressful stuff to avoid that. In the end she didn’t have to go on bed rest but the baby came almost two weeks early. Thankfully Jared’s family had been visiting with Meg and driven as fast as they could to be there for the birth. While Genevieve had gone into labor early it was long and the family made it there just in time for Genevieve to be wheeled into the delivery room with Jared on her heels. Who was being cheered on annoyingly by Chad who arrived just after JD and before his family. Not over and hour after that Jared was a father.

Jared couldn’t believe his eyes, she was so perfect. His daughter was absolutely perfect. And he said so to anyone who would listen or was standing about. The nurses gave him smiles as he looked down at her not wanting to give her up to the nurse staff just yet. But he had to as she had to be cleaned and printed and weighted and measured and looked over. Gen had seen her but was too weak and tired to hold her at the moment and was fine with waiting until she had been cleaned to hold her. Jared had been reluctant to hand her back to the nurses and stood close by while they worked on her, checking on Gen every few moments as well until Gen giving a smile and a sigh waved him off. Jared was finally ushered out to the waiting room where his family waited when the staff had to move Gen and the baby out of delivery and to a regular recovery room.

Jared couldn’t stop smiling as his family gathered around to hear the news. “It’s a girl, a perfect girl” he almost shouted sounding like when he was a kid and Christmas morning had finally arrived and he got to open presents. He got many congratulations and pats on the back along with a hug or two and a handshake from his father. It wasn’t long before they were being told what room Gen had been moved to and that they could go see her and the baby which he had decided to name Emily. Jared of course went in but his family took turns coming in so as to not overwhelm Gen and baby Emily. Jared’s mother took pictures and left the camera so others could have their pictures taken as well. Then it was time for little Emily to go to the nursery for the night and Gen to get her rest. In the morning they would both be looked over and if deemed fit they could go home. Gen would stay with Jared for the next few months so that Emily could be breastfed and Jared could adjust to having Emily with some help. After that he would be on his own with Emily.

Jared took to being a father well and with support from everyone he and baby Emily flourished. He got a video camera and recorded all of her firsts and big moments so he could send them to his family. First tooth and first steps, first words and first holidays. First haircut, first tricycle, first kiddie pool and other things. His parents began to joke about how he should have gone into film instead of architecture with all the footage he was taking. But he liked architecture better and he was good at it, also it paid regularly and well. In fact after his first big project on the museum right before Emily was conceived he’d done so well he had been in a bit of demand. He only took jobs that allowed him to go home to Emily or bring Emily with him at first. Many of his customers delighted in seeing his little girl and he was happy to go home and be with her at the end of the work day. When she was older he would take jobs over the weekend and Gen or JD would watch Emily. Chad had offered to do it too but Jared had declined. Chad was a good ‘uncle’ but not to leave Emily with for more than a day. With all the money he made he had managed to buy a nice little house after Emily’s first birthday. Someday when she was old enough he’d get a dog for her. Time was flying by and Jared although he liked that she was becoming a little person in her own right missed the times when she was his little baby. He was contemplating asking Gen to be his surrogate for a second baby when things started to go wrong.

Emily was getting sick a lot recently and had a hard time getting better between bouts of illness. Then there were the bruises. Emily was a pretty tough little girl but as of late if she fell or bumped into something hard enough she would get a bruise and they would last a while. The incident that finally prompted Jared to see a specialist was when Emily got a bruise from playing on the park playground and it hadn’t faded in the least after a week.

After many tests the results came back with a crushing blow. Emily had cancer. A form of Leukemia that would need radiation treatment and most likely and bone marrow transplant. The radiation would come first and then surgery to remove some cancer cells, followed by more radiation and then the transplant. Because she was so young and the cancer was a progressive type the radiation had to be strong and would make Emily very sick. As much as they wanted to treat her quickly they were forced to take things slowly. That way everything didn’t overwhelm her small system and she had a chance to recover a little between treatments. This made sure that she could be her strongest for the surgeries even with the radiation still in her body.

Jared called everyone he knew for support and his family came to see them right away. Everyone would be tested to see who would be the best match for Emily’s bone marrow. Jared being her father was the best choice but sometimes oddly another family member could be better. It was the hope that also a female relative would be best for her if Jared wasn’t. Even though Genevieve was not related by blood she got tested too as she had carried Emily to term. In the end their hopes were shattered when none of them proved to be a good enough match for Emily. Jared was the closest but they wanted someone better. The doctors suggested Emily’s other parents might be a better match.

Jared had a breakdown that night after putting Emily to sleep. He had no idea who Emily’s other father was. His baby, his little girl was sick and he couldn’t do anything about it. The doctors were trying and there was some medication to make her feel better but nothing that they could do to cure her completely. Why? Because he wasn’t a good enough genetic match for her. If she was to get 100% better she need an almost perfect match and it had to come from her parents. More specifically her other parent and not from Jared. Why hadn’t he thought about the things that could happen to his little girl years ago? Why hadn’t he figured in serious illness when planning out a life with her? He had thought of everything else hadn’t he? Well apparently not if things like this could happen. How was he supposed to deal with this, fix this? Why was this happening in the first place? Oh yeah because he had wanted a child so bad he had gone and gotten a donor egg so the child would be his instead of adopted. Okay so this could happen with adopted kids too but he could have had an open adoption and knew everything about the family so there would be no surprises. Here he knew nothing about his baby’s other parent then at the time of donation he was okay and what he looked like. This was a nightmare and he wanted to wake up so badly and have everything be fine and back to normal.

In trying to cheer him up a bit Chad stopped by a few evenings later and arranging to Emily to be watched by her grandparents took Jared out to get him drunk. In his uninhibited state he sobbed about how everything looked so bad and how he couldn’t do anything and why had he picked some anonymous donor egg. Chad trying to make light of things joked about how he could go and dig up the donor for Jared and it seemed to instantly sober the man up. Jared was still drunk but his mind was racing on possibilities now. The next morning while Chad was still badly hung over Jared badgered him into agreeing to ferret out the donor so Jared could go ask him for help. He didn’t really care at the moment if it was unethical or not or even against the law he just wanted to know there was another avenue to take to make his baby well again. He promised Chad a million favors and to even bend the law in his favor if he need to. Just as long as Chad found Emily’s other father and quickly.

Jared started his search for the best children’s cancer doctor he could find in New York and hired them to treat Emily. For the first little while she would be allowed to go between home and the hospital but as time went on she would need to stay at the hospital for long periods of time as treatments and travel would make her weak. Jared’s parents set up a schedule to rotate visiting him with Ann or Jeff stepping in now and then. Gen and JD would cover for Jared at work and would stop by to see Emily too. Chad was hard at work looking for donor x5-494. It took a while but Chad thought he found the man on a ranch in Texas. Details were still a little sketchy on the man’s past but he was confident the man was Jared’s donor.

After talking with his family and making plans for Emily to stay at the hospital he told her that he had to take a trip to see someone who might be able to help her. He didn’t mention that it might be her other father. Emily knew that she was Jared’s and that her other parent was gone, Gen was just a friend but she didn’t understand the process of how Jared came to be her only parent. She reassured him in the way children do that she would be okay and see him when he came again. She would be happy to spend time with grandmama Sherri. Jared thanked his mother for staying Emily and gave her the keys to his house and left for the airport immediately. He didn’t plan on being gone long or return alone, but things never really go as planned. And Texas and donor x5-494 were nothing like what he had planned.

Chapter 5 Emily pink


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